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Françoise and Sam Piolet, creators of Ohlala! by French Fanfan

The site that makes France shine!

An enthusiast of digital and SEO marketing, our heart also beats for entrepreneurship and Made In France. In 2021, the French Fanfan© project was born, reflecting more than a brand, our devotion to French sustainability, ethics and innovation. We dream of projecting French genius onto the world stage, celebrating its rich heritage, vibrant culture, gastronomy and the passion of its artisans and businesses.

So we created Ohlala! by French Fanfan, a generalist media dedicated to France, available in 6 languages and fully optimised for SEO. Thanks to Ohlala ! by French Fanfan, France is raising its profile on the Internet and giving all its businesses the visibility they deserve.

Le Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre, la tour Eiffel et Cheverny

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    France, a country that shines all over the world!

    Did you know ?

    Every year, France welcomes nearly 80 million international tourists, and a large number of blogs promote our beautiful country through its landscapes, regions and heritage. Every day, thousands of travel photos and reviews are posted on social networks.

    Many groups and sectors of French industry are expanding internationally, and tourists love France and our French Art de Vivre! Visiting monuments, spending hours at the table in a restaurant – we’re the envy of the world!

    France is also the 3rd country in the world in terms of representation abroad, after the United States and China. Did you know that 160 French embassies around the world employ nearly 10,000 people?

    France’s cultural heritage also contributes to its worldwide reputation: gastronomy, fashion, literature, cinema and art. As a result, a number of museums are stepping up their international development projects to help promote French culture and museographic expertise.